Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage IN BREA, CA

Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage

Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage

Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage is a specialized therapeutic service designed to enhance lymphatic circulation and promote the release of bodily toxins. Using this technique, we reach deeper layers of muscle tissue, aiming to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is  essential to immune response and waste removal processes. By applying firm pressure and slow strokes, Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage effectively targets chronic muscle tension, addresses areas of discomfort, and aids in recovery from physical strain. It is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing persistent muscle pain, those recovering from injuries, or anyone seeking to improve their lymphatic health.

For residents in Brea, CA, Alcler Medspa offers this exceptional Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage service. Results can typically be observed shortly after treatment, with the longevity of these benefits varying based on individual health and lifestyle factors. Regular sessions can extend and enhance these effects. If you’re seeking a way to rejuvenate your body and alleviate deep-seated tension, consider booking an appointment at Alcler Medspa for a professional Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage experience.

Types of Massages Offered


$150/60 minutes

Deep tissue lymphatic drainage massage can help promote circulation within the body, improve immune function, assist in excessive water drainage, and body slimming.


$150/60 minutes

Enhance the skin’s natural radiance, reduce puffiness, and enhance the face’s natural contours.

Face + Body

$300/120 minutes

Our Body and Face Massage combination.

Face Massage w/ RF

$200/90 minutes

The Face Massage and the mild RF (Radio Frequency) treatment can help further contour, tighten, and lift the face while increasing collagen production to improve elasticity as an anti-aging preventative.

Body Massage w/ RF

$200/90 minutes

The Body Massage and RF (Radio Frequency) body treatments stimulate collagen and elastin production and results in the creation of new skin cells. This is a great function to help increase fat burning and tighten the skin to create a more contoured appearance.

Face Massage + Body Massage w/RF

$350/150 minutes

These all the services are combined.

Benefits of Lymphatic Deep Tissue Massage


Individuals with chronic muscle pain, those recovering from injuries, or anyone looking to improve lymphatic health are ideal candidates.
Results are often noticeable shortly after treatment, with the extent and duration varying per individual.
The longevity of results depends on personal health and lifestyle, with regular sessions enhancing lasting benefits.
There is typically no downtime, though some may experience temporary soreness or redness in the treated areas.
Stay hydrated, avoid heavy meals before the session, and continue to drink water and rest as needed post-treatment.
Expect firm pressure and slow strokes targeting deep layers of muscle, focusing on areas of tension and discomfort.


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