Laser Hair Removal IN BREA, CA

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an innovative cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted body hair. This non-invasive treatment targets hair follicles using concentrated light beams, damaging them to inhibit future hair growth. The procedure is versatile, effectively treating various areas such as the face, legs, arms, bikini line, and more. Ideal for individuals seeking a long-term solution to hair removal, this treatment is suitable for those with different skin tones and hair textures.

Visible results typically appear after the initial session, with significant reduction noticed within a few weeks to months, depending on the individual’s hair growth cycle. Ready to experience the benefits of Laser Hair Removal? Book your appointment today at Alcler Medspa in Brea, CA, and achieve smoother, hair-free skin with our advanced treatments.

Treatments Offered

Full Face

$150/session | $675 per 5x package

Partial Face

$60/session | $270 per 5x package

Upper Lip or Chin

$50/session | $225 per 5x package


$50/session | $225 per 5x package

Back of Hands with Fingers

starting at $50/session | $225 per 5x package

Tummy Line

$50/session | $225 per 5x package

Bikini Line

$80/session | $350 per 5x package

Brazilian (Full Bikini)

$150/session | $675 per 5x package

Others - Schedule a free consultation

appointment starting at $800

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal


Individuals looking for a long-term solution for hair removal with different skin tones and hair textures can consider this treatment. Laser hair removal is effective for those with dark and light skin.

Visible results can begin to show after the initial session, with significant reduction noticed within a few weeks to months, based on individual hair growth cycles.

After undergoing Laser Hair Removal, many people experience a long-term reduction in hair growth, meaning the results can last for a considerable time.

After the Laser Hair Removal treatment, there may be minimal downtime and mild side effects such as redness or slight discomfort, which typically subside shortly after the treatment.

Before undergoing laser hair removal, following the pre-treatment instructions, which may include avoiding sun exposure, is essential. After the treatment, it is necessary to care for the treated areas by moisturizing and protecting them.

During the Laser Hair Removal procedure, you may feel slightly tingling as the laser targets hair follicles, but the overall discomfort is minimal.


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